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I/we voluntarily enter into this agreement for services with High Drive Canine, of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, hereinafter, HDC. I/we have been informed of all risks and responsibilities associated with canine training and understand that the officers, owners, trainers, employees and any other agents or assigns of HDC cannot guarantee the exact or precise outcome of any training and also that pet owners must follow through with post-training directions to ensure best outcomes and maximize pet training results. I/we have discussed with an HDC representative about why I/we need pet training assistance from HDC. I/we have been given an overview of what services can be provided by HDC and have discussed a training plan that I/we have agreed to as being reasonably likely to be successful in accomplishing the training I/we desire to have completed for our pet. I/we understand that HDC will make every reasonable effort to accomplish the assigned and agreed upon activities in good faith. I/we understand that the agents, employees, and assigns HDC will use their skills, experience, and good judgement in completing the training of my pet, and that they may, for reasons beyond their control, have to suspend training activities, possibly before the agreed upon training has been completed. I/we understand and agree that such a situation will not relieve me of my obligation to pay for services rendered to that point. The HDC fee structure has been explained to me and I/we realize that I/we will be responsible for the charges associated with this training plan and agree to pay all charges to my account. I/we agree that authorizations may be given by me via written or unwritten communication and that I/we will be responsible for all charges. I/we agree that the internal notes made in the HDC client file as to this subject will be considered as the record for these matters. We, the undersigned client(s), for and in consideration of the services of HDC, who have retained HDC, agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release SCK9, its officers, owners, employees and agents, from liability arising out of HDC in accidental cases, services on behalf of client, including loss by fire, theft, running away, death or injury during the term of this agreement including all legal costs and attorney’s fees except where damages were a result of gross negligence by HDC. I/we further agree that the venue for any civil action or dispute of any kind that may arise between these parties shall be in San Bernardino County, California, USA. I/we understand that we shall be solely responsible for all of the acts of the animal at any time during this agreement, and in no case shall HDC be held liable for the animal’s acts and behavior other than for any acts of gross negligence on behalf of HDC. I/we shall indemnify HDC from and against any and all damages sustained or suffered by reason of the boarding of the animal for any claims or injuries arising out of the boarding of the animal except where the injury is caused by the gross negligence of HDC. I/we understand and agree that normal dog play can cause injuries for the dog. All activities are monitored to avoid injury; however, punctures, cuts, torn ligaments, and other injuries may occur despite adequate supervision. I/we agree that HDC will not be held responsible for aggravation of any preexisting medical condition including but not limited to; heart disease, arthritis, obesity, infections and other medical conditions that may be observed or discovered. In the event that the animal becomes ill, I/we shall be notified at once at the phone number listed below, however, if HDC is unable to reach me/us, and I/we do not immediately inform HDC regarding measures to be taken, or if the health of the animal requires immediate action, I/we grant HDC the right to call a veterinarian or to furnish other advisable attention within HDC's discretion, and any expenses incurred in conjunction with such care is my/our responsibility and shall be paid by me/us. I/we acknowledge that the $500 deposit is due at booking in order to secure our boarding dates. The deposit is non refundable for any reason. I/we acknowledge that boarding space is limited and when you make a reservation we have to turn away potential clients; therefore, if you cancel your reservation within seven days of the boarding date, you are required to pay 50% (fifty) percent of the total amount that would have been due if you had boarded you pet as originally scheduled. I/we acknowledge that it is California state law that if the animal bites a person it must be quarantined for 10 days in an approved facility and any expenses incurred in conjunction with such care is my/our responsibility and shall be paid by me/us. I/we acknowledge and consent to the use of all multi-media that HDC may take while my pet is conducting training. This use consists of social media, advertising and marketing, etc. and anything HDC takes while my pet’s training is being conducted can be used at HDC’s discretion. I/we acknowledge that pets of different breeds and health conditions may have apecific allergies pertaining to that pet. Due to this, I acknowledge and agree to provide my dog’s specific food to cover their boarding stay dates. Cost, Fees and Payment Cost. The total cost for training package is $2,000. A $500 deposit is due upon booking/receipt of contract in order to reserve your boarding dates. The balance of $1500 for the training services must be paid in full before your dog is dropped off. By agreeing to these terms, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the terms of this Letter of Engagement and I accept the terms and conditions contained herein. I acknowledge that checking the box, acknowledges my agreement and constitutes as a valid signature and has the same effect of a handwritten signature.

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